Surrogacy Perspectives

Surrogacy Perspectives

Mar 1, 2021 | Blogs

I started reading a wonderful book lately through a book club I participate in every month. The book is called “Delivering Hope” by Pamela MacPhee, and it’s written from the perspective of a woman is acting as a surrogate mother for a family member. Few books in the field of infertility are written from the surrogate’s perspective. I thought this book might be helpful to women who are currently surrogates.

Infertility is experienced by an estimated 6 million couples in the United States. There are so many complexities that arise with infertility, and these occur from a variety of perspectives. From the intended or recipient parent’s perspective, the impact of infertility can cause strain on relationships with friends, family, and spouses. From the surrogate’s perspective, recent literature suggests that surrogates experience a significant feeling of sadness following birth similar to a parent who is giving a child up for adoption. Then, there is there is the perspective of the child who was created through the process of in-vitro fertilization.

It is no wonder that the process is a challenging, emotional one for everyone involved. In my practice, I have been lucky enough to work with egg donors, surrogates, intended parents, and recipient parents. The world of the surrogate is one that is often hard to understand for most people, and there is little in the way of research regarding the impact of surrogacy on a woman’s mental health. Maybe this book will give you another insight into the complex process as you read it. At any rate, I think it’s worth reading for it’s unique perspective.

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